My name is Karen and I was born in the UK to Sino-Mauritian parents. As I was growing up, I was very curious about this place called 'Moiyan'. I knew very little about it except that the majority of Sino-Mauritians had their roots in this area of Southern China.  My parents could not tell me much as they had never visited.  So, in 2012 I decided to finally visit Moiyan myself.

It was, for me, a pilgrimage to the land of my ancestors, and I enjoyed the most remarkable feeling of returning home.

I wish to provide a little information about Moiyan for those who are interested but have not yet been able to visit. This is initially aimed at people of Hakka-Mauritian descent who are keen to find out more about their roots, and who may have been struggling to find the relevant information. However, it would be great to eventually expand the site to include the experiences of the Moiyan-Hakka diaspora who settled in countries other than Mauritius. I hope that those who are elderly and now unable to travel back to Moiyan will also enjoy seeing photos and videos to remind them of their home.

I think it would be wonderful if Hakka-Mauritians born around the globe might do their best to keep some knowledge and practice of their heritage alive, be that through food, language, or general knowledge.

I'll be adding to the site gradually, so apologies for incomplete pages at the moment. 

Please see the contact page if you would like to contribute your story to the site or be added to the mailing list.

Karen Cheung 

張愛秀 : 张爱秀 Zhāng Ài Xiù : Zong(1) Oi(4) Xiu(4)

3rd April 2013, UK