Basel Mission Archives

The Basel Mission was a European Christian missionary society, active from 1815-2001, whose missionaries worked around the world, including in China from 1847.  From 2001, the Basel Mission was incorporated into Mission 21 (website in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian).

The Basel Mission Archives (in English) hold many old photos, maps and documents from their fieldwork, including some from the Moiyan region. I wish to thank the archives for allowing this website to publish 25 of their photos. It was difficult to choose which 25, so please do visit their website to look at more.

Many of the same photos are also hosted online by the University of Southern California in their BMpix archive. You can browse through at your leisure, or click to go directly to the Moiyan/Meixian section. I have to admit that I find the USC site easier to navigate than the original Basel Mission site.


  1. Some photo dates are given as a range, when accurate dates were not available.
  2. Some titles refer to 'Kayin' or 'Kaying' - this is the old name for Moiyan. In fact Jiaying University takes its name from 嘉應 : 嘉应 Jīayīng : Ga(1) yin(4).
  3. All photos are property of Basel Mission Archives / Mission 21 and cannot be republished without permission. Thanks to A.S. at Mission 21 for her help.