BM - Hospital 

"In the operating theatre of the hospital in Moiyen (Dr Métraux with his assistants)."

"[original caption] Im Operationssaal im Spital Moiyen (Dr. Métraux m. Assistenten)."

Archives mission 21 / Basel Mission Reference: A-30.84.041

Photographer: Métraux, Paul (Mr)

Place taken: Meixian

Date (DD.MM.YYYY): 01.01.1933-31.12.1938

I wonder how Dr Métraux and the Chinese assistants communicated? Perhaps he spoke excellent Hakka!

"Basel Mission hospital in Moiyen (China)."

"[original caption] Basler Missions Hospital Moiyen (China)."

Archives mission 21 / Basel Mission Reference: QA-30.004.0205

Photographer: unknown studio 

Place taken: Meixian

Date (DD.MM.YYYY): unknown

This is to show that the Mission Hospital was a very extensive site. I wonder whether it has been incorporated into a current hospital or whether it, too, has been demolished?

"Moiyen Hospital, China. Director: Dr Hans Meister. Nurses' Training School."

"[original caption] Spital Moiyen, China. Chefarzt Dr. Meister. Schwesternschule."

Archives mission 21 / Basel Mission Reference: QQ-30.062.0008

Photographer: unknown

Place taken: Meixian

Date (DD.MM.YYYY): unknown