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"The language school in Kayin."

"[original caption] Die Sprachenschule in Kayin."

Archives mission 21 / Basel Mission Reference: QA-30.006.0009

Photographer: unknown

Place taken: Meixian

Date: unknown

I like to think that if I had been alive at this time and met the Missionaries in Moiyan, that perhaps I would have asked to join in their language lessons and learn some German from them, as well as help them with their Hakka!

"Margaret Lutz's baptism on 1st May 1938."

"[original caption]Taufe v. Margareth Lutz am 1. Mai 38."

Archives mission 21 / Basel Mission Reference: QQ-30.065.0003

Photographer: unknown

Place taken: Meixian

Date (DD.MM.YYYY): 01.05.1938

As a British-born Hakka I would be so interested to meet this Moiyan-born European, Margaret Lutz... She was only a baby in 1938, so I would say there is a good chance she is still alive - perhaps I should try to find her and see if she has any stories about her family's time in Moiyan!