BM - Religious

"Chapel in Leuthongha."

"[original caption] Kapelle in Leuthongha."

Archives mission 21 / Basel Mission Reference: QA-30.001.0024

Photographer: unknown

Place taken: Meixian, Liantangxia

Date (DD.MM.YYYY): unknown

Print & wood engraving or line block

On the USC website I note that the date given is '[not after] 1905' and so I take this to be an example of a Mission chapel during the earlier years of the the Basel Mission's work. 

"Church in Kayin."

"[original caption] Kirche i. Kayin."

Archives mission 21 / Basel Mission Reference: A-30.83.041

Photographer: Kilpper, Gotthilf Christian (Mr) 

Place taken: Meixian

Date (DD.MM.YYYY): 01.01.1911-31.12.1935

This could pass for a quaint little church in a corner of Europe, rather than one in Moiyan.

"Views of the Basel mission station in Kayintschu."

"[original caption] Ansichten der Basler Missionsstation in Kayintschu."

Archives mission 21 / Basel Mission Reference: QA-30.113.0041

Photographer: unknown

Place taken: Meixian

Date (DD.MM.YYYY): 01.01.1887-31.12.1901

I will ask my cousin in Moiyan whether she has ever heard of the Basel Mission and whether there is any legacy left visible.