Thanks to Chris for allowing me to share the link to an article on his trip to Moiyan in 2002 (originally written for the Hualien Club in Mauritius). He would like to point out that the article was written 11 years ago, so some of the statistics need updating, otherwise the other facts are still relevant.

In 1992, Chris was involved in organising a " World Chinese Conference " in Mauritius, and got a local TV crew to visit Meixian, Foshan and Suntec to make a documentary. Foshan and Suntec are the two places from whence the Mauritian Cantonese originate. 

In 2002, Chris arranged for an MBCTV crew to join them on their trip and the subsequent documentary about Moiyan/Meixian was again broadcast on Mauritian TV.

Chris says that looking at the two documentaries, filmed with a time gap of 10 years, shows viewers the enormous progress that Moiyan/Meixian and China have achieved.

Chris Lee always tells people that the story of China and our ancestors can be summarised as follows:

" In the year 70's, whenever we informed our relatives that we are going to China, they will write back to give you a long list of things to buy for them. It goes from TV, fridge, fan etc etc. Then in the 90's, when you informed them that you are coming, they will ask you to bring foreign currency, as with foreign currency there are special shops that will sell you the 'luxury' goods they are looking for. Now if you tell them you are coming, they will ask you to bring empty suitcases and they will fill them up for you with anything you need !! "Chris Lee

Here is a video kindly supplied by Chris on his recent trip to the Hakka Park in Moiyan:

Click here for photos from his trip.