The Hualien club in Mauritius hosts events and courses for the Chinese community and promotes knowledge of our common history. On their website you can find articles about Sino-Mauritian history and culture.


The Toronto Hakka Chinese Community Network aims to promote and sustain Hakka culture by focusing on the younger members of the Hakka community and engaging with them via sport and social activities. They are also involved in the upcoming Hakka Heritage Wall project in Toronto. 


I am informed that the Mauritian Chinese Circle of Sydney meets on a monthly basis to socialise - and eat of course! Each family brings their favourite Hakka dish to share.


In Melbourne, a similar association is active, called the Mauritian-Chinese Cultural Society of Victoria whose website can be accessed here.

General interest

Please click here for the website of the Caribbean Chinese Association based in Ontario, Canada.  Many of the Chinese who settled in the Caribbean were also our Hakka cousins!