Books on Moiyan

A guide to Moiyan  ISBN 978-7-218-07391-0

A guide to Moiyan

ISBN 978-7-218-07391-0

Manyou Kedu Meizhou 漫游客都梅州

I picked up this guide to Moiyan in the local branch of the Xinhua bookstore chain. I daresay other branches could order it for you if you were interested.

Inside are short chapters with photos of various attractions and points of interest in and around Moiyan. 

In Chinese only.

Price: 38 RMB in Xinhua bookstore, Moiyan, 2012.

Books on Hakka Language

ISBN 978-957-638-077-8

ISBN 978-957-638-077-8

My first Hakka-English dictionary, bought from a third party via Amazon.

The first edition was published in 1905, would you believe! The authors were part of the English Presbyterian Mission and based their work upon an older dictionary compiled by members of the Basel Missionary Service.

Second edition, this print 1992

SMC Publishing Inc, Taipei

Cantonese, Hakka and Teochew dialects, arranged in concordance with Standard Mandarin   ISBN 978-7-218-05060-7

Cantonese, Hakka and Teochew dialects, arranged in concordance with Standard Mandarin

ISBN 978-7-218-05060-7

This is an interesting, albeit brief, 4-way dictionary. You can look up words in Mandarin-pinyin order, and under each entry is a guide on how to say it in Cantonese, Hakka or Teochew. 

Price: 35 RMB in Xinhua bookstore, Moiyan 2012.

Books on History

Author Helen Atteck co-wrote a historical book called Stress of Weather with her Chinese-Trinidadian husband Philip.

The book, in her own words, is "...a micro-study of the sailing [of a ship with emigrants] in 1862 from Hong Kong to Trinidad via Mauritius. The first ship to leave Hong Kong was badly battered in a typhoon in the Indian Ocean and just managed to limp its way to Mauritius. The Chinese passengers were put ashore at Flat Island to be under quarantine for six weeks. After they had recovered sufficiently, another ship was used to continue the journey to Trinidad. Some of the original passengers were not fit to travel so they remained in Mauritius." 

She then wrote two novels telling the story of this fateful journey and the next generation who were able to make good in Trinidad: Bound for Trinidad and Trinidad: the Promise.

Stress of Weather has over 40 original documents in it, along with the full passenger list in both phonetic English and Chinese characters. These documents are from archives in Hong Kong, England, Mauritius, St. Helena Island, and Trinidad. 

You can read more on Helen's website or email her directly via: bookorders [at] cogeco [dot] ca