Fruit 水果

shuǐguǒ : in Hakka, slightly different characters are used : 生果 sang(1) guo(3)

The pomelo 柚子 yòuzi is the main locally-produced fruit. It is like a firmer, drier, sweeter grapefruit. The only photo I took was actually of these ones which had been stored for a while so were not looking quite as fresh as they could be!

In addition to being eaten fresh, they are sold in the supermarket as little honey-preserved slices, 柚皮

Yòu pí : yu(?) pi(2)

I also saw some that had been dried and turned black somehow - the sign said they were for use in making pomelo tea, but I didn't get round to trying it.

You can also see loquat 枇杷 pípá trees budding around Moiyan:


When ripe, some can be found for sale in bunches along the roadside:


Ready to eat at home. The newspaper underneath is the Meizhou Daily Paper:


Unripe papaya 木瓜 mùguā : mug(5) gua(4) is used in cooking as a savoury ingredient:, whilst the ripe version is eaten normally as a fruit:


Even a Chinese variety of banana 香蕉 xiāngjiāo : hiong(1) jiau(1), or giung(1) jiau(1) can be found growing locally, which I had not expected!


I also ate very nice dragonfruit, custard apple and durian(!), but I believe they had all been imported.