Hakka Museum

中國客家博物館  : 中国客家博物馆 

Zhōngguó kèjiā bówùguǎn :  Zung(1) Guêd(5) Hag(5) Ga(1) Bog(5) Vud(6) Guon(3)

Official website http://www.zgkjbwg.com/ 

The main entrance to the Hakka Museum: 

The first entry in this table reads 'Mauritius' 毛里求斯 Máolǐqiúsī and indicates that the Hakka population reaches 25,000 people, whilst the total Chinese population totals 30,000 (statistics source unknown). 

The second entry reads 'Réunion' 留尼旺 Liúníwàng and the third 'Madagascar' 馬達加斯加 : 马达加斯加 Mǎdájiāsījiā.

Other parts of the exhibition are in English as well as Chinese. 

A baby's 'walking chair'. My cousin had actually used a similar one herself as a child. It was certainly an odd event, to go round a museum with someone who has used the artefacts on display! 

A model example of the weilongwu style Hakka house:

客家匾額館展廳 : 客家匾额馆展厅

Kèjiā biǎn'é guǎn zhǎntīng

This family residence was built in 1935 for a member of the Lai clan who had enjoyed great success overseas. Of note the building was constructed in a 中西式 Zhōngxīshì fashion, that is, combining both Chinese architectural styles with Western ideas that had been picked up overseas. It now houses a collection of plaques.