Hakka Stone Pens 客家石筆 : 客家石笔

Kèjiā shí bǐ : Hag(5) ga(1) sag(6) bid(5)

These interesting stone pillars were traditionally erected outside the home of a scholar who had passed an important exam (e.g. Imperial exams), or perhaps a soldier who had performed well in battle. The top of the pillar would be shaped into a pen or sword accordingly. 

The group of stone pillars below were in Fujian Province:

The three pillars below are found in Meijiang Qu, in an open square situated near many schools and colleges. In addition to the pillars, there are displays about eminent Hakka people who have studied hard and subsequently gained success in their field. The square serves as a place of encouragement for the young students of Moiyan.