In 2012, Mike Tsang, a Sino-Mauritian-British photographer, premiered his fascinating exhibition Between East & West in the SW1 Gallery, London. It was described as "[a] project celebrating the heritage, identity and aspirations of the British Born Chinese." Mum and I went to the gallery and enjoyed the photos, stories (see website) and clever touches such as having reproductions of old family photographs available for you to handle.

I particularly enjoyed the feeling of connection gained from reading about other British-born Chinese who have also struggled with their cultural identity. The proportion of Chinese within the UK population is only 0.8% (2009) compared with 4.0% (2011) in Australia or 4.3% (2006) in Canada, so there isn't as strong a community as you might find elsewhere. 

You can find out more about his work on his professional website at Mike Tsang Photography.