Noodles & Dumplings

This street cafe will forever hold a special place in my heart (or should that be stomach?) because it was the first place I ate 麵 : 腌面 yān miàn : yam(1) miên(4) in Moiyan:

Greasy, delicious yam miên with a pork/tripe/goji leaf soup as accompaniment:

I think however, that this place was actually better...

...with the added bonus of offering the finer noodles 腌粉 yān fěn  : yam(1) fen(?) which I think I rather preferred. In the photo it looks a bit anaemic but in real life it was delicious!

I also tried the Hakka version of cheung fun  腸粉 : 肠粉 cháng fěn but didn't enjoy it as much as the Cantonese version.

Home-style chǎomiàn : cau(3) miên(4) at an aunt's house was also mouthwatering:

... as were these beautiful little steamed dumplings

The next picture is of lao tsu pan, thick rice noodles with minced beef:

And finally, two pics from the cafe that sold Hakka-style siu mai 燒賣 : 烧卖 shāomai : sau(1) mai(4)