"Women of a non-Christian Chinese household near Kaying, with their children. The men are mostly in foreign parts."

"[original caption] Frauen ein. heidn. Chin.hauses b. Kayin m. Kindern. Die Männer sind meist i. Ausland."

Archives mission 21 / Basel Mission Reference: A-30.74.024

Photographer: Krayl, Robert (Mr)

Place taken: Meixian

Date (DD.MM.YYYY): 01.01.1905-31.12.1930

I thought this was interesting in that the title highlights the situation that many Hakka families found themselves in in the past; men gone abroad in search of more money and women at home running the farm, house and looking after the children.

"Soothsayer in Moyen."

"[original caption] Wahrsager in Moyen."

Archives mission 21 / Basel Mission Reference: A-30.82.043  

Photographer: Fiechter, Verena (Ms)

Place taken: Meixian

Date (DD.MM.YYYY): 01.01.1948-31.12.1951

Although I had seen fortune-tellers elsewhere in China, I did not in fact encounter any whilst in Moiyan. Has anyone else had their fortune told by one of these soothsayers?

"Girls at their laundry."

"[original caption] Mädchen beim Waschen."

Archives mission 21 / Basel Mission Reference: QA-30.006.0005

Photographer: unknown

Place taken: Meixian

Date (DD.MM.YYYY): unknown

Note the practical use of narrow tables to make washing easier here. My aunt said that when she was growing up in the 1950s-60s they still washed their clothes in the river.

"Dr Zhai from Moijen, with his family."

"[original caption] Dr. Zhai von Moijen mit Familie."

Archives mission 21 / Basel Mission Reference: QA-30.008.0025

Photographer: unknown studio

Place taken: Meixian

Date (DD.MM.YYYY): unknown

No further info given on who Dr Zhai was exactly, but looking at other photos one can deduce that he was probably working at the Basel Mission Hospital. I wonder what happened to him and his family? Anybody related to them by any chance?!