Mei river 梅江

Méi jiāng : Moi(2) Gong(1)

The Gongcun river 公村河 Gōngcūn hé : Gung(1) cun(1) ho(2) originates in Heyuan municipality at a point approximately 150km south-south-west of Moiyan. As it passes into Meizhou territory, it is renamed the Mei river and goes on to receive the following tributaries before arriving in Moiyan County. 

After passing out of Moiyan County and into Dapu County, the river is renamed the Han river 韓江 : 韩江 Hán jiāng, which runs southwards to the sea, via the cities of  潮州 Cháozhōu : Cau(2) zu(1) and 汕頭 : 汕头 Shàntóu : San(1?) têu(2) (formerly known as Swatow). Our relatives would have taken a boat on the river from Moiyan to the sea as the first part of their journey to Mauritius.

Here is the oldest surviving bridge in Meijiang District, 梅江橋 : 梅江桥 Méi jiāng qiáo : Moi(2) gong(1) kiau(2), spanning the Moi river. At the time of this photo in 2012, the river had been dammed further upstream to allow engineering works to take place, hence the extremely low water level.

Here is a different section of the river by night. The view is looking south-east and you can see the Xiu Lan Bridge 秀蘭大橋 : 秀兰大桥 Xiùlán Dàqiáo : Xiu(4) Lan(2) Tai(4) Kiau(2). On the near river bank you can see part of the well-maintained riverside Guidu Park: