The Hakka Park 客天下

Kè Tiānxià : Ga(1) Tiên(1) Ha(4)

The Hakka Park is a strange combination of hotel, restaurant, museum, performance hall, theme park, upmarket houses and apartments, wedding photo venue and gardens.

Still under construction at the time of my visit, March 2012:

These tower blocks host some of the most expensive living quarters in Moiyan.

A metallic mural depicts Hakka life, past and present, including this Hakka man leaving to seek his fortune abroad...

This part of the stone mural shows modern times and the overseas Hakka finally returning to visit their Motherland. I associate very strongly with this particular segment of the mural!

There is a temple where you can offer prayers to your clan ancestors

e.g. surname 張 : Zhāng : Zong(1)

You can also buy a red prayer ribbon, which you then tie to a statue of your zodiac animal:

Houses for sale include these Mediterranean-inspired canal-side homes.

Just what everyone wants for their wedding photos: a completely fake church perched on a cliff next to a waterfall! I wasn't allowed in...

A performance hall in the style of a tulou house:

You can enjoy a meal inside the rather decadent hotel restaurant witihin the Hakka Park.

Sweet statues of a Hakka girl washing her brother's face in the river.