"View of the town of Kayin across the river."

"[original caption] Blick über d. Fluss gegen d. Stadt Kayin."

Archives mission 21 / Basel Mission Reference: A-30.78.018

Photographer: Krayl, Robert (Mr) 

Place taken: Meixian

Date (DD.MM.YYYY): 01.01.1905-31.12.1930

Uncertain how this picture corresponds to the geography of present-day Moiyan.

Archives mission 21 / Basel Mission Reference: A-30.81.001

Photographer: Bay, Hermann (Mr) 

Place taken: Meixian

Date: 1913

This picture astounded me - I had not seen anything like this during my time in Moiyan. Does anyone else recall seeing such a wall when they visited? Perhaps it was in a different town within Moiyan, or perhaps has been destroyed since this photo was taken.

"In the main street of Meihsien."

"[original caption] In der Hauptstrasse Meihsien."

Archives mission 21 / Basel Mission Reference: A-30.81.096

Photographer: Fiechter, Verena (Ms) 

Place taken: Meixian

Date (DD.MM.YYYY): 01.01.1948-31.12.1950

I enjoyed this little glimpse into an everyday scene with the kids running around. Note the man on the left in traditional shirt and the vendor balancing his wares on his shoulders.

"Stone arch in Kaying."

"[original caption] Steinbogen in Kaying."

Archives mission 21 / Basel Mission Reference: QA-30.115.0013

Photographer: unknown

Place taken: Meixian

Date (DD.MM.YYYY): 01.01.1910-31.01.1938

Again, I don't remember seeing anything like this in Moiyan. It does look rather precarious here, so perhaps has crumbled away in the intervening years, or is tucked away in a hidden corner...

"The new bridge over the Moi River in Kaying, under construction, 1935."

"[original caption] Neue Moi-Brücke in Kaying im Bau. 1935."

Archives mission 21 / Basel Mission Reference: QQ-30.062.0062

Photographer: unknown

Place taken: Meixian

Date: 1935

This very same bridge is now the oldest-surviving bridge in the Mei Urban district area!