Transport within Moiyan

I had developed some tolerance for Chinese driving during my time in Beijing, and both the traffic and air pollution in Moiyan were much lighter. However, the words 'organised chaos' still sprang to mind when crossing roads or driving around town. I think the main lesson is to just keep watch, and either slow down into a gap or speed up into a gap! I felt many times that a collision was inevitable, but luckily was proved wrong. 

Mopeds and motorised tuk-tuks are a common way to get around:

Mopeds crossing the Moigong Kiau:

Had a go riding pillion on an aunt's moped!

There were still many bicycles on the road, although they are becoming outnumbered as more people are able to afford motorised transport. Below you can also see a typical turquoise and yellow taxi with a registration plate beginning '粤M'.

Small buses also provide transport within the city:

Overtaking was a bit hairy at times - this picture demonstrates a common scenario; our large coach was overtaking a another large vehicle, and in doing so sped into the path of an oncoming truck. All in a day's work for the driver, and none of the other passengers were remotely concerned.