Moi... where?

Administrative areas in descending order of size:

1. People's Republic of China 中華人民共和國 : 中华人民共和国

Zhōnghuá rénmín gònghéguó : Zung(1) fa(2) ngin(2) min(2) kiung(4) fo(2) guêd(5)


2. Guangdong Province 廣東省 : 广东省

Guǎngdōng Shěng : Guong(3) dung(1) Sên(3)


3. Meizhou 梅州

Méizhōu : Moi(2) Zu(1)

A prefecture-level city - note that the word 'city' here does not refer to a city in the usual English sense, but instead refers to a large administrative area, of a smaller order than a province, but larger than a county. Some may describe it as a municipality. It is divided into seven counties, of which one is Moiyan.

You can view the official Meizhou webpage in English at


4. Mei County 梅縣 : 梅县

Méi Xiàn : Moi(2) Yan(4)

This then, is the 'Moiyan' I was interested in as a child, one of the seven counties within Meizhou municipality.


5. Meijiang District 梅江區 : 梅江区

Méijiāng Qū : Moi(2) Gong(1) Ki(1)

This is the main urban area enclosed within Meixian county.