Yannanfei Tea Fields Scenic Area

雁南飛茶田景區 : 雁南飞茶田景区

Yànnánfēi chátián jǐngqū : Ngian(4) nam(2) fi(1) ca(2) tiên(2) [???] ki(1)


A refreshing drive out of town and into the Moiyan countryside, heading towards the tea plantation of Yannanfei.

Yannanfei is nestled in the hills and comprises tea plantations, forest, a small temple, a restaurant / entertainment hall and a hotel.

You can take a walk amongst the orderly tea bushes and explore the forest trail...

...and when dusk falls you can head to the restaurant balcony to enjoy the view before heading inside for dinner.

All-singing, all-dancing entertainment is offered whilst you eat:

Traditional Hakka dishes are served, such as Moicoi Kêu Ngiug and Yam Gug Gê.

The presentation of this dish is very pretty, but the Yam Gug Gê prepared by my cousin's husband's Pak Me was definitely better!

You can of course both drink and buy the tea from the plantation itself, and we also ate these interesting tea-flavoured-glutinous-rice-flour-blobs that had been deep-fried:

You might be lucky and catch a beautiful sunset over the hills, before heading home.